Currently, there are several ways how to connect to the wireless network (Wi-Fi) at CTU. One of them is the project of the global wireless network eduroam (education roaming) developed and operated by a community of educational and scientific institutions. Through eduroam every CTU student or employee can connect to the internet almost all over the world. The coverage map can be found on the CESNET website.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

How does eduroam work?

Whenever a user wants to log in to the eduroam network, they are authenticated with the eduroam password in relation to their home institution, whether at home or abroad. Although the whole transmission is secure, due to the nature of the wireless transmission and the frequency of use of the service the eduroam password is different from the CTU Password for security reasons. The easiest and safest way to connect to eduroam and set up your laptop, tablet or mobile phone properly is to use eduroam CAT and geteduroam.

Wi-Fi on faculties

Some faculties run verification to the eduroam network independently of CTU. In this case follow their instructions (FS, FEL and FIT). Another way how to connect to Wi-Fi is to use local or guest networks on faculties or other parts.

Preferred settings

Automatic setup using geteduroam for Windows 10 and others,
Automatic setup using geteduroam for Android 8.0 and higher,
Automatic setup using geteduroam for iOS 15.0 and higher,

Other settings

Automatic setup using CAT for Windows 10 and others,
Automatic setup using CAT for Android 4.3 and higher,

Manual settings

Setup for Windows 10,
Setup for Windows 7,
Setup for Android 4.2 and lower.

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