Subject of the service is operation of CTU Mentoring application, which serves as an information source and registration tool for the university’s mentoring programme. It offers students an opportunity to look into the real environment of Czech and international companies, gain practical work experience in the field while studying and make the transition to working environment more easily.

Available for


Benefits and key features

  • Clear summary of general information about mentoring.
  • Introduction to CTU mentoring programme.
  • Possibility of registration into the programme (held every year during March) and selection of a specific company/mentor from a regularly updated offer.

More information

  • The application is available in Czech and English.
  • The owner of the application (currently Iva Hájková Peláková) is responsible for the functional page.
  • Content is managed by administrators from the Department of Multimedia and Web presentation of the Computer and Information Center, who also ensure operation of the application and functional and design modifications according to the specification of the application owner.
  • Receiving of requests and technical support are provided through the CTU HelpDesk application.

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