The KOS application is for academic scheduling and administration, and has two interfaces: a desktop application (iKOS – intended mainly for academic officers and administrators) and a web interface (KOS – intended for students and instructors). KOS handles all operations relating to academic programmes – from admissions, to assessments and academic records, to completion of studies with a state final examination. During a normal academic year, KOS is used to record some 350,000 assessments and to publish nearly 12,000 examination dates.

New Web KOS launched from 1 Sep 2021! It will be operated in Winter semester 2021/2022 (B211) in parallel with the present Web KOS. Both applications cover the same functionality. The main differences between the new and the present Web KOS are described on

Available for

Students, Employees

Benefits and key features

  • creation and maintenance of records for academic programmes, including specialisations, fields of study, study plans and individual courses,
  • records of applications for admission,
  • programme information and records (for accredited and selected non-accredited programmes),
  • course registration,
  • creation of schedules and plans for allocating classrooms,
  • tracking of academic progress,
  • student academic records,
  • support for state final examinations,
  • support for doctoral programmes of study,
  • provides data for the student register (SIMS – Czech only, maintained by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports),
  • administration of selected tuition fees.


Getting started

  • in order to access the KOS web interface, you must have been assigned the role of teacher or student,
    • the role of teacher is automatically assigned to persons at CTU who hold an academic position, are full-time doctoral students, or have valid status as an adjunct instructor (assigned in the CRI application). This role can also be approved by the head of an academic unit. Another essential condition is that a user with the role of teacher must be assigned to a course in KOS,
    • the role of student is automatically assigned to persons who are actively enrolled in a bachelor’s, continuing master’s or doctoral progamme of study (or who are participants in a lifelong learning programme) administered in KOS,
  • in order to access the iKOS desktop application, you must obtain a corresponding role. An overview of these roles, the operations they are authorised to perform, and the persons authorised to approve their allocation can be found in the KOS authorisation documentation (Czech only, login required),
  • you will find more information in the access instructions, see KOS – Access,
  • allocated user roles can be checked in the UserMap application (login required),
  • KOS web access – for students and instructors:,
  • iKOS portal – desktop application for user roles other than teacher and student:,
  • please send questions or comments on the component’s functionality to HelpDesk (login required),
  • if you do not have access to HelpDesk, please send an e-mail to,
  • for an overview of roles, see the KOS authorisation documentation (Czech only, login required).

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