SFIS is a database system that creates, processes and evaluates the data necessary for financial management. It is used at all faculties and school parts. An add-on application closely linked to iFIS is Webmailer, which sends user-defined reports by e-mail.

Available for


Benefits and key features

The component includes the following modules:

  • Accounting – general ledger, income statement, balance sheet, CF statement.
  • Finance – cash register, bank, liabilities, receivables, balance, VAT (DPH).
  • Contracts – projects: system for contract support procedure by the contracting authority
  • Budget – monitoring financial limits of cost centers, contracts and activities.
  • Assets – accounting of long-term and operational records of short-term assets.
  • Warehouses – storage, reservation, sales and cashier module.
  • Orders – purchase management through set cost limits (budgets).
  • Register of contracts – registration and publication of contracts in ISRS.
  • Records management – administration of received and sent e-mail.
  • Webmailer – generating and distributing print reports especially for grant solvers and employees involved in economic activities of departments and workplaces.


  • administration is managed through UserMap system according to technical roles,
  • name and CTU password are required for access,
  • Java 7 or 8 is required to run the system,
  • the service can be started by the authorized users from CTU networks, and it is not accessible outside these networks.

Getting Started

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