Self-service copy and print system.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

  • accessible print,
  • time-saving printer installation and set up,
  • service is charged according to the price list.


  • Use the username and CTU Password to send print jobs from the PC to the print server in a queue and to access account status and print jobs.
  • To identify at terminals of individual reprographic devices, the client will use the CTU card. The card is non-transferable and the cardholder is responsible for operations performed by this card in accordance with the published conditions.

Getting started


Sending a task to print server

TINA printer needs to be installed and configured on the workstation that you use for printing. You are prompted to enter your username and CTU password after a task is sent to the printer, then it is sent to the central university print server where it is stored in the print queue for 14 days.

Status of the task, its cancellation or re-allocation to the print queue can be performed directly on the terminal or at

Print jobs on Kyocera devices at FA can be sent from a USB flash drive.

Print the task on the selected device

1. Put the CTU card to the terminal. Your first name, surname, personal number and credit will be shown on the display.
2. You can choose to print from the terminal menu and then print all your tasks in the queue or open the task folder and print only the selected ones. Print job parameters are already specified when the task is sent to the print server. In case of insufficient funds on the account, the printing process will not be initiated.
3. After printing is finished it is necessary to LOG OUT from the terminal !!!

  1. When the card is put to the terminal, the first name, surname, cardholder personal number and credit are shown on the display.
  2. Select copying to unlock the copier.
  3. After the task is CAREFULLY inserted into the feeder, you can change the default paper size, choose 1-sided or 2-sided printing and other attributes on the machine’s keyboard and start the copying with the green button. The task is canceled using the orange button. Be careful that the papers are not skewed and that the sides are not partially attached to each other or that the corners are bent (typically after the staples have been removed).
  4. After copying is finished, it is necessary to LOG OUT from the terminal !!!
  • In case of insufficient credit on the account, the copying process will be stopped when it is used up. The minimum balance to run copying on black and white devices is 15 CZK, on color copying devices at FA it is 40 CZK.
  • Contact the printer administrator immediately to solve any technical problems with the printer or to make a complaint.

Complaints should be consulted immediately with the administrators of the device, if they are not available, send an e-mail.

Authorization to operate


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