Usermap is an application for managing selected personal information. It also serves as the basic contact directory at CTU. It enables users to search contacts for individual persons, their phone numbers, e-mail addresses, offices where the persons work, etc. Also, the CTU Password and the EDUROAM Password are changed in Usermap.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners, Public

Benefits and key features

  • provides information about all persons = CTU users,
  • provides information on the placement of individuals within the CTU organizational structure,
  • classifies users by organizational unit; it is possible to search users by their placement in these units,
  • enables user to manage the CTU Password,
  • enables user to manage the eduroam Password,
  • allows user to set the Initial CTU Password,
  • it is the primary system for setting up contact information (room, phone, e-mail) of individuals,
  • alternatively, users can mention their websites or activities at CTU,
  • allows researchers to register or link their personal information with the ORCID ID,
  • provides information about assigned business and technical roles,
  • the system is bilingual CZ/EN.


  • The system is accessible anonymously. To get more information you must log in using the username and CTU password.

Getting started

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