Usermap is an application for managing selected personal information, main contact directory at CTU and a tool for managing user roles of most CTU IT systems.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners, Public

Benefits and key features

  • personal data management,
    • provides information about all persons = CTU users,
    • enables user to manage the CTU Password,
    • enables user to manage the eduroam Password,
    • allows user to set the Initial CTU Password,
    • it is the primary system for setting up contact information (room, phone, e-mail) of individuals,
    • personal websites or activities at CTU,
    • allows researchers to register or link their personal information with the ORCID ID,
    • provides information about assigned business and technical roles,
  • main contact directory at CTU,
    • provides information on the placement of individuals within the CTU organizational structure,
    • classifies users by organizational unit; it is possible to search users by their placement in these units,
  • user roles management,
    • rules for obtaining roles in IS are set on the basis of Authorization to Operate Subsystem in accordance with the policy set by the Rector’s Order No. 1/2012 Rules of Competencies and Responsibilities in the Management of CTU Information System (in Czech only),
    • role assignment is done electronically on the basis of approval workflow,
    • it is possible to easily review assigned roles,
    • by the systematization of process roles it is possible to automatically add new user rights when changing user’s function, and especially to remove rights of a former user,
    • UserMap allows users to limit user rights in many subsystems in a few seconds in case of security problem,
    • it is possible to set the so-called quarantines for different subsystems = system-extended period of limited access rights for temporary period
    • all user rights are auditable in the USERMAP history, i.e., it is possible to find out which rights the user had and upon which request he received them,
    • overview of connected systems.
  • the system is bilingual CZ/EN,


  • The system is accessible anonymously. To get more information you must log in using the username and CTU password.

Getting started

   Roles module
  • Types of users in terms of roles:
    • Regular user – every CTU user to whom can be assigned a role. He can review his assigned roles in Usermap,
    • Approver – usually a manager (rector, dean, vice-dean, head of the department, etc.). He has the right to assign, approve, reject and withdraw roles for other users in accordance with his competences and has the relevant rights in UserMap.
  • Role Types:
    • In the role system, as of (1/2/2023), there is a change in the methodology of their designation and structure. The original 2 types have been replaced by a more general structure, which is described on the “New role methodology – 2023″ page.
  • Ways of Getting a Role:
    • Obtained automatically – these are the roles that result from a person’s relationship to an organization, or are ordered by a rule.
    • Obtained by approval – these are the roles requested by the role preparer, approver or administrator, and are authorized by the approver. The easiest way is to ask approvers of a certain role. The second way is to ask (preferably by using HelpDesk) an USERMAP administrator (see above) to create a request. The administrator submits a request into the application, where it awaits authorization by the relevant approver.

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