The subject of the service is the operation and content editing of the university web presentation. Although the application is mainly focused on target audience outside of the university (applicants for study, companies, professional public), it provides a comprehensive set of information to internal users, especially students. It is the main publicly available disambiguation.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners, Public

Benefits and key features

  • An overview of basic information about the university structured with regard to target audience.
  • The application directly integrates information from other data sources (e.g. CTU News Service, CTU Events Calendar, CTU Mediasource and others).

More information

  • The application is available in Czech and English.
  • The application owner – Chancellor of CTU in Prague (currently Ms. Lucie Orgoníková) is responsible for the functional page.
  • Content is managed by the main administrators from the Department of Multimedia and Web Presentation of the Computing and Information Center, which also provides the application operation.
  • Content edits are subject to subpage owner approval or application owner approval.
  • Establishing a subpage owner or a set of pages at a certain hierarchy level is subject to approval by the parent page owner or application owner, respectively.
  • Receiving requests and technical support are provided through the CTU Helpdesk application.

Content owner: CIC - Department of Multimedia and Web Presentation (81320) , Last change: 08.07.2021