The system secures entry and exit of people to and from protected areas of CTU and records them in these premises by means of CTU identification cards.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

  • wide range of configuration possibilities of access rights setting, • contactless doors and turnstiles opening, • more than 1000 access points.

Getting started

Holders of valid identification cards issued by the CTU Card Office have the right to pass through access points equipped with a card reader, together with access rights for individual workplaces of the CTU faculties and other parts. Access rights are set by administrators of the relevant building.

Identification of the card owner when passing through the system.
All you need to do is to place the card near the reader. It is not necessary to touch the reader with the card. If the CTU card cover or another card does not prevent the transmission of the signal between the CTU card and the reader, it is not necessary to remove the card from the cover. Optic and phonetic signaling of the passage is not united on readers operated at CTU.

Signaling of passage after using the card on most readers:

  • beep and green light – passage enabled,
  • beep and red light – passage denied.

Loss of the card should be reported to the CTU Card Office without any delay. The card owner is fully responsible for all transactions made with the card.
Authorization to operate (czech only).

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