The CTU data warehouse (hereinafter referred to as DS) is a database platform in which data and all changes in data from several important source systems across the entire organization are stored and historicized (KOS, Usermap, V3S, EZOP, Survey and others).

Available for

Workers, Partners

Benefits and key features

  • Uniform data for all outputs across CTU,
  • integration of multiple resources in one place (resource systems, files, register, data for the Ministry of Education, SIMS exports),
  • the possibility of using time sections – the state of the source system databases on a selected date in the past,
  • easier connection of data across systems,
  • automated report generation,
  • data processing of FIT systems,
    • projects FIT,
    • final theses,
    • classification,
    • working time optimizer,
  • provides data for the operation of the FIT and FEE websites,
  • visualized reports on the website


  • Access to data is approved by the person responsible for the Data Warehouse,
  • administration is managed via UserMap based on technical roles,
  • the CTU name and password are used for access,
  • data reports can be requested at the e-mail box

Getting started

  • To access data, complete a data request.

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