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Branch office in Děčín
contact person: Bc. Josef Drobný
address: Pohraniční 1288/1, 40502 Děčín
office: 203
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The card is used to identify the holder and, based on this identification, allows access to protected premises, etc. There are two options of a personal card.

Available for

Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

The personal card is issued in two versions:

1) WITHOUT CONTACT CHIP – for employees and non-students (part-time employees, participants in lifelong learning courses, external persons)


The first card issuance is free of charge, in case of loss or damage a fee 200 CZK is charged (see the Price List for details – in Czech only).

2) WITH CONTACT CHIP – for persons with full-time employment relationship (issued for the following university parts: RČVUT, VIC, FJFI, FD)


The first card issuance is free of charge, in case of loss or damage a fee 300 CZK is charged (see the Price List for details – in Czech only).
With this card type the person receives a personal certificate for the electronic signature and a printed PIN code (see Electronic Signature).


In order to issue a new card, the following has to be ensured:

1)  the person must be registered in the CTU Information System,

  • the employment relationship must be registered by the personal department in EGJE database (formerly PMSV),
  • other valid relationships must be registered by the personal department in Central Identity Register (CRI), in case of participants in lifelong learning courses by the study department in KOS system,
  • if personal data do not match the data recorded in the CTU Information System, card will be issued only after correction by the relevant department and after the data are transferred to card register (on the following day).

2)  at the CTU Card Office it is necessary to present,

  • proof of identity (ID card or passport),
  • it is convenient to bring a colour photo of a passport size (4,5 cm x 3,5 cm), which will be scanned and returned back. If the photo is not available, the person will be digitally photographed for free on the spot (data is not transferable to the employee).

Collective issue of personal identification cards for CTU employees.

Based on a application form from the head of the CTU department, PERSONAL card can be made on behalf of someone. The authorized person in cooperation with the employee/s fills in the application form, arranges a personal photo of the employee/s and submits all to the CTU Card Office. Its employee will check the accuracy and completeness of information required and personal cards will be prepared. Takeover of these cards is confirmed by a signature of the authorized person who will distribute them to relevant holders.

Getting started

For more information see the rules: Podmínky pro vydávání a používání průkazů typu osobní ČVUT (in Czech only).
Some operations related to card issuance and complaint are subject to a fee. See the Price List for details (in Czech only).

Information on changing a card before its validity expires.

Holders of PERSONAL cards, older types of EMPLOYEE or GUEST cards, whose validity will expire soon (the date is printed on the card), can apply for a free replacement card . The card will be replaced at the CTU Card Office.
In order to get a new card, it is necessary to prove identity and bring a current colour photo of a passport size, or the person will be photographed at the CTU Card Office.


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