The CTU Payment system (TZS) is designed for cashless payments of employees, students and guests for services and goods within CTU.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

  • you can monitor your own transactions,
  • it allows setting the account parameters,
  • students can enter their own Czech bank accounts for money transfer,
  • TZS account is automatically set up for each person who is a student or employee and has a CTU card.


  • for access you need username and CTU Password,
  • the partner (guest person) may ask for activation of his/her CTU card for TZS in the CTU Card Office.

Getting started

TZS supports
  • cashless payments for printing in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • cashless payments of study department fees of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and MÚVS,
  • reservation system for long-term parking Abonent,
  • payments for short-term parking in the car park under the FA building
You can put money into TZS:
  • at the CTU Card Office, a cash deposit is credited immediately,
  • through deposit machines.

At the entrance to the Faculty of Civil Engineering on the right side behind the turnstiles – the machine accepts and returns banknotes and coins.



  • You can send money by a bank transfer to the account 27-4100950247/0100, variable symbol: 22222, specific symbol: your personal number. You can find your personal number on UserMap or on your CTU card. Deposit by bank transfer may take up to 3 work days. After login to a QR code can be used for payment,
  • employees with full-time employment relationship (at least 0,2 contract) can draw up to CZK 2500 and pay it with deductions from their salary.

The maximum cash deposit is CZK 4000. Unused deposits are paid in cash or can be sent to your bank account.

TZS is governed by the rules: Podmínky používání Transakčního zúčtovacího systému ČVUT čj. 006/12/81911/No (in Czech only).

Authorization to operate (in Czech only).


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