It is a portal solution for securely storing, organizing, sharing and accessing information at any time and from any device. The solution is built on the basis of the CTU organizational structure using the Microsoft ® SharePoint ® product.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

SharePoint Online is a platform for team collaboration. In the web space, you can add files, create folders and web pages, share, edit documents and collaborate on files at the same time. Every website contains a document library “Documents”, which is used to store files and folders. To sync, just select the file or just the folder you need. The files are then accessible on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Before you start

Help and tutorials


Login: To log in, do not use the CTU e-mail address, but the login data for the CTU account in the format: and the CTU password.
Microsoft performs a backup of the service in case of a global failure. See this page for more details.
CIC CTU does not back up data in the Microsoft Exchange online environment (Office 365) for the needs of individual recovery requests.

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