The telephone switchboard provides a basic call connection within the CTU in Prague either by dialing directly or through the operator. (Except the Service Facilities Administration of the CTU , it has its own telephone exchange).

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners, Public

Benefits and key features

  • direct call to internal line by direct dialing from the public telephone network (instead of dialing 1111 you can dial the required line directly),
  • internal calls are free of charge (without billing),
  • possibility to define where you can call from the internal line (internal calls, CR, world),
  • connection to inter-school calls without tariffication


  • connected compatible telephone (see below),
  • send requests from faculty departments / institutions / centres to the relevant technical-economic department or to the administrator of the building (set up, cancellation, change of line, change of authorization, change of text/name on the phone display, change of cost centre, text on invoice, failure report, etc.),
  • if you need to edit your contacts in UserMap database, contact your technical-economic department or the contact data administrator.

Getting started

The telephone number of CTU in Prague is (+420) 22435 1111.
The calls outside of CTU is possible by dialing 0 (zero), international calls are dialed with the prefix 000 (for example Slovakia 000421….).
If you want to redirect your line to another number outside CTU, it is necessary to use the prefix 0, as with conventional telephony. International forwarding is not allowed. Redirection outside the CTU network is not allowed by default, it is necessary to request a change.
The CTU phone lines and internal numbers can be found in the contact database
You can check your contacts there. After logging in with your password, you will see more detailed contacts and phone numbers defined as internal ones, you can also partially edit your profile here.
Report any problems during the call to your contact persons at the faculty. To solve the problem, it is necessary to state the caller’s number, the number called and the approximate time.

Ericsson system (classic original telephone exchange):

  • Free calls to academic networks with the prefix 94, or selected Slovak universities 9400421 Aktuální .. Current list,
  • Internal call forwarding within connected Ericsson PBXs is a code when you pick up the handset (digital phone menus must be in the default settings) * 21 * extension # and hang up. Cancellation is performed by code # 21 #.
  • Support for classic telephones or Dialog system telephones (original manufacturer Ericsson / Schrack). Not all types are currently supported. Phones display the caller’s number and name from the PBX database.

Cisco system (VoIP):

  • Call forwarding is performed directly on the telephone with the key, or forwarding is possible via the portal Here it is also possible to set the forwarding after about 15 seconds. To access, you must assign the user to the phone and, if necessary, enable external forwarding. Request access through the CTU helpdesk.
  • Free calls to nearby universities are routed automatically. Phones display the incoming phone number and description from the local database and for external calls from the Usermap database.
  • Cisco 78xx and 88xx series phones are supported. All ongoing calls are encrypted and both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported.

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