It is both a storage space for data in Microsoft 365 and application for a document synchronization.

Changing the maximum storage capacity on OneDrive for users with an Office 365 A1 license. More in the news.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

OneDrive is a private space where the user can save his documents, videos and photos. Documents are private for users by default, with the option of sharing them outside the organization. Each user manages their own user space, including access rights and authorizations. Microsoft OneDrive allows you to connect and synchronize data.

Before you start

Help and tutorials


Login: To log in, do not use the CTU e-mail address, but the login data for the CTU account in the format: and the CTU password.
Microsoft performs a backup of the service in case of a global failure. See this page for more details.
CIC CTU does not back up data in the Microsoft Exchange online environment (Office 365) for the needs of individual recovery requests.

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