Central purchasing of CISCO products. On the basis of a framework contract won and concluded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic (MV), the CTU, as the Authorizing Contracting Authority (PZ), gained the opportunity to purchase CISCO products at a discount in the period from 2022 to 2026.

Available for


Benefits and key features

  • the possibility of advantageous purchase through several verified and authorized distributors,
  • the purchase covers not only products but also related services,
  • each purchase takes place in the form of an abbreviated tender, either through the MoI or directly using the electronic marketplace.

The supplier provides the following services:

  • New licenses for all Cisco Systems software,
  • support for Cisco Systems products (software licenses),
  • subscriptions to Cisco Systems products
  • AS-Fixed services,
  • catalog training credits,
  • Genuine Cisco accessories
  • new products, the essence of which is licensed or firmware equipment, using only original and proprietary Cisco Systems resources and original Cisco Systems accessories, including the possibility of their implementation:
    • routers and corresponding proprietary software licenses for Cisco software products and / or subscriptions,
    • switches and corresponding proprietary SW licenses for Cisco software products and / or subscriptions,
    • Wireless products and corresponding proprietary software licenses and / or Cisco subscriptions
    • security products and corresponding proprietary software licenses for Cisco software products and / or subscriptions
    • team collaboration tools and corresponding proprietary software licenses and / or Cisco subscriptions.


  • All financial liabilities arising from the implementation of the mini-tender for the acquisition of the products listed above are acquired on behalf of the contracting authority and the contracting authority has allocated sufficient financial resources to cover these expenses.

Before you begin

In the drop-down menus below you will find answers to how to buy, as well as basic documents and contacts.

  1. Purchase through the Central Contracting Authority
  • PZ fills in the form “Application for the implementation of the mini-tender” and the draft “Implementation Agreement”,
  • in the case of applications addressed from the PZ from the Ministry of the Interior in connection with the Order of the Minister of the Interior No. 27/2019 of 30 July 2019, as amended, the PZ will also enclose a document on the preliminary management inspection (PRK),
  • PZ will send the signed application and the completed draft contract in an editable format (doc.) to the data box of the Central Contracting Authority – ID: 6bnaawp ,
  • on the basis of these documents, a mini-tender will be conducted by MoI staff,
  • after the implementation of the competition, PZ will receive information about the announcement of the winning participant (supplier) in the data box. He then concludes the implementation contract directly with the winning participant.
  1. Separate purchase from the family house made by PZ
  • based on the “Framework Agreement for the Acquisition of Cisco Products”, PZ will conduct the mini-tender itself.

The provision of pre-sales advice will be provided by the technology manufacturer:

Cisco Systems Czech Republic ,
Pujmanové 1753 / 10a,
Prague 4, 140 00
on the e-mail address: cz-public@cisco.com , in the necessary coordination with suppliers. Pre-sales advice is provided free of charge.

Purchase of products from companies:

  1. ANECT as, ID: 25313029, Vídeňská 204/125, Přízřenice, 619 00 Brno,
  2. ICZ as, ID: 25145444, Na hřebenech II 1718/10, Nusle, 140 00 Prague 4,
  3. Simac Technik ČR, as, ID: 63079496, Radlická 740 / 113C, 158 00, Prague 5,
  4. Networksys as, ID: 26178109, Plzeňská 1567/182, 150 00 Praha 5,
  5. AUTOCONT as, ID: 04308697, Hornopolní 3322/34, 702 00 Ostrava, Moravská Ostrava,
  6. SOITRON sro, ID: 27270599, Pekařská 621/7, 155 00 Prague 5.

Info on the website of the Ministry of Interior (MVČR) https://www.mvcr.cz/clanek/centralni-nakup-produktu-cisco-systems.aspx

Specific questions:

ČVUT: jana.krupova@cvut.cz , phone 224358424
MVČR: jan.strachon@mvcr.cz , phone 974 816 772,
                michaela.matousova@mvcr.cz , phone .: 974 816 774.

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