Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) began to emerge in the 80s of last century as software that focused on symbolic (algebraic) processing and the ability to manipulate mathematical expressions and objects, solving equations, etc. with exact (symbolic) number expressions, respectively mathematical and physical constants. Of course, the processing of numbers is also “inaccurate” (in the floating point arithmetic), but with almost unlimited (software) precision.

Today, CAS provide a compact platform and increasingly intuitive interface (suitable not only for the work of a mathematician, researcher/experimenter, technician, teacher, student) with a powerful computer system and math assistant with lots of skills and specialized extensions/libraries/toolboxes, editing and typographic options for documentation and presentation, illustrative graphics, but also links and connections to knowledge databases/clouds, mobile and web applications – all online and in real time.

CTU leases and makes available for teaching and research a multi-license of three main commercial representatives:

Maple & MapleSim (MapleSoft)

Mathematics-base software & servises for education (on-line learning), engineering, research and advanced modeling; symbolic/numerical calculations; easy to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems; strong support for intuitive work without precise knowledge of syntax; possibility of a fully graphical interface with active input commands and outputs/results included straight away in the text (interactive MapleBook, step-by-step solution, etc.). Maple is both powerful and easy to use.

Mathematica & SystemModeler(WOLFRAM Research)

The world’s definitive systems for modern technical computing and advanced modeling. They provides state of the art technical computing, a sophisticated computing environment (Wolfram Language) on all modern desktop systemswith binding to global database systems and clouds for innovators, educators, students, and others professionals.

MatLab & Simulink (MathWorks)

They are programming and numeric computing platforms used by engineers and scientists to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models.

These systems/platforms are available for the whole academic community: students, staff – education, research, development. Possible restrictions on faculties or institutes according to interest and preferences; similarly “individually” (but within a multi-license) purchased special toolboxes, etc. Desktop applications are mostly installed on school computers in offices, lecture halls, computer laboratories and study rooms; can also be used on home computers/laptops (especially for teaching). For details on installation, see

Some web or mobile applications are free for use: MapleCalculator, MaplePlayer, WolframAlpha, WolframPlayerApp, MatLabMobile.

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