These certificates are used for digital authentication of servers. Certificates are used to identify the counterparty when establishing a secure connection (HTTPS, VPN, etc.).

Available for: servers of organizations included in the Czech national research network CESNET2.
Acquisition of the first: upon request / confirmation of the authorized person, free of charge.
Validity: 1 – 2 years.
Acquisition of next: before the expiry it is possible to apply for a new certificate (renewal by extending the first certificate, not possible);
Location: uploaded to the server.
Exhibitor: TERENA SSL CA 3 on behalf of CESNET and certified by DigiCert.

Notes: It is issued only to trusted servers of the university in the domain The certificate application form can be found on the project website, which is easy and intuitive to complete. You will be notified by email of the request. It cannot be used to secure payments or other financial operations.

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