Register of domestic and foreign scientific and research projects. The application ensures the life cycle of registered projects – starting with the submission of the project proposal, throughout its course, until the completion. EZOP also provides a supporting agenda for successful processing and export of results to RIV (Information Register of R&D results).

Available for

Students, Employees

Benefits and key features

  • life cycle of projects – records the draft, the approval at CTU, the acceptance by the provider, the subsequent solution period, the completion of the solution with the possibility of active use of the record for the purpose of project sustainability,
  • approval processes for project submission and for required documents,
  • evidence of contract research,
  • RIV support for sending results to providers (linking results in V3S to projects),
  • provision of documents for CTU management,
  • annual processing and export of the Annual Research and Development Report (VTR 5-01) for the Czech Statistical Office.


  • the application is automatically available to all CTU employees and doctoral students (after login using the CTU password),
  • the application is also available for emeritus professors.

Getting started

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