Electronic recording of incoming and outgoing documents; data box.

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Benefits and key features

Electronic document and records management system (EDRMS) is a set of activities ensuring that the document’s life cycle runs correctly. The document is recorded at individual workplaces /document management nodes/ throughout the whole life cycle. From receiving to destruction or handover:

  • receiving or creating a document,
  • the document is registered, processed and all operations are recorded in its history
  • the document is processed, forwarded or sent,
  • the processed document is stored in the registry during the destruction period,
  • files are stored in the registry according to the document management plan as determined by the document management rules,
  • after the destruction period is over, the file is discarded. This is followed by a physical destruction of the document or its transfer to the archive for permanent storage.

Related legislation (in Czech only): “Zákon č. 499/2004 Sb., o archivnictví a spisové službě” and amendments to Certain Acts, as amended “Zákon č. 250/2014 Sb.

The data box is a state-guaranteed communication tool that replaces the traditional recorded delivery letters and serves mainly to communicate with public authorities. According to the act: „Zákon č. 300/2008 Sb., o elektronických úkonech a autorizované konverzi dokumentů“ from November 1, 2009, the data box at CTU was activated. The data box is common to all faculties and other CTU parts. Individual data messages / documents / are sent from the Filing office via the EDRMS service to individual filing offices of faculties and university parts.


  • Access and functionality depend on the assigned role in UserMap system.
  • Login data: username and CTU password.

Getting started

Related legislation (in Czech only):

The CTU Archive is authorized to handle the methodology of document management system.
Authorization to operate (czech only).

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