Servers and databases are essential for operation of the CTU information system. There are more than 200 servers operated by CIC of CTU. Key activities include managing and monitoring hardware devices, operating systems, databases, and applications. The priority is to ensure maximum availability and security of all systems for users. For flawless operation both the role of the Department of Server and Database Administration and collaboration with other departments are important.

Services are primarily provided to CIC administrators and developers, CTU Card Office, IT administrators of CTU faculties or other parts and also external subjects. In particular it involves ensuring access to databases and application servers of CTU IS and technical support. End users encounter services whenever they use university systems and services running on central servers and databases.

You can come into contact with the following services:

Provision of data from university systems

View of data stored in central applications.

Operation of application servers for CTU subsystems

Creating, administrating, operating and backup of virtual servers in VMWARE environment.


It is possible to provide web hosting services for CTU parts.

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