A tool that simplifies project, resource and portfolio management and helps you keep track of your projects. It includes predefined templates and familiar scheduling tools to help project managers and teams stay productive.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and key features

        The service is provided in the Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Predefined templates – Predefined, customizable templates that use industry best practices to help you get started with your project. You don’t have to create project plans from scratch..
Scheduling Features – Known scheduling features for project managers such as Gantt charts and pre-pop-up drop-down menus help our software reduce training time and simplify scheduling.
Reports and Charts – A variety of reports, from burndown charts to finance, that can be shared with other people in your organization and are available in real time in the Project Online content pack for Power BI.
Imaging and Timelines – Quickly view all activities planned in a specific project, from tasks to upcoming milestones. You can customize timelines to display certain data and easily share them with project participants.
Integration – link information from different project types and share them with project participants and teams.

Getting started

Detailed information about the deployment of the service at CTU
MS Project Online product information
Project Help Center


Microsoft backs up services in the event of a global failure. You can find more information on this page.
VIC ČVUT does not back up data in the Microsoft Exchange online environment (Office 365) for the needs of individual recovery requests.

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