It allows users to get username and to set CTU password without having to visit CTU personally. It concerns only people who have been admitted to study at CTU for the first time and so far have no relationship with CTU. Students can apply this tool when they are accepted to study at CTU and registered in IS CTU.

Available for


Benefits and key features

  • set up initial login,
  • ensuring verified access to CTU IT services.


  • for initial setting of CTU Password, you need to have your application code and date of birth,
  • in case of lost application code it can be sent again,
  • ATTENTION! The application can be used only by newly admitted applicants and students of CTU and can be used within 180 days from the registration into IS CTU. So if you have been CTU student in the past or have had a different relationship with CTU (e.g. employee, etc.), use your former username and CTU Password to login. If you fail to log in, please contact your CTU Password Administrator.

Getting started

  • You can change the password in UserMap.

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