Follow-up three-year multi-license (until the end of 2023) for faculties and components of CTU FEE, FNSPE, FBMI, FIT, VIC, ÚTEF, CIIRC, KÚ (since 2014 together for the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague).

The world’s definitive system for modern technical computing and advanced modeling in a sophisticated computing environment. 

Available for

Students, Employees




  • Published in December 2021. Get Your Mathematica 13.3.1 download now.


  • 9. 3. 2021 Signed and confirmed by WOLFRAMgrant  for testing of unlimited SystemModeler licenses for a period of 4 months (Contract Expires: 01-AUG-2021). Distribution and other instructions on the download server CTU.
    Licence server:

Before you begin


To download and activate products, we use direct access to the Wolfram User Portal with CTU SSO user authentication from 2022.

Students and teachers who want access to Mathematica through SSO need to login from here: The system will detect the email domains that belong to your university and will give eligible users access using university credentials (email+password). You can also follow those instructions: If you have any problems, take a video or screenshot and contact Wolfram SSO Support <> directly. 

Licence servers are operated by three faculties and CIC, and for normal installation (computer connected to the faculty network – VPN is sufficient) users take over the password from them.


In 2021 the following is being prepared or has already taken place:


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