Personal certificate for use in MIS application

The certificate is issued by CESNET.  The certificate is required for signing with a guaranteed signature for some operations in the system.  The certificate is located on the CTU card, in order to work with it, the user must have a certificate reader from the CTU card and the corresponding control SW installed. To work with this certificate, it is necessary to use the Internet Explorer (IE) environment.

Personal certificate for use in AEDO application

Issuance and administration of these certificates is realized through the user portal 
The certificate is stored in a secure device, the so-called HSM module, and is accessible only through the CTU server after the appropriate user authorization. 
The certificate replaces the original certificates placed on the CTU card. 
It is used in AEDO and it is possible to use it in MS Windows via virtual card reader.

Personal for signing service email

Any user at CTU can apply for a certificate. This edition is provided by CESNET based on identity verification and is issued by TERENA eScience Personal CA 3. You can find more information about this certificate on CESNET, where you can also find instructions on how to apply. This certificate is used to secure e-mail and authenticate to access network services. 
Obtained certificate must then be installed and set up for use in your email client. 
The certificate takes the form of a data file

Personal Qualified Certificate

the certificate is required for communication with government agencies and can be used to create a guaranteed or qualified signature recognized in electronic communication with government agencies. At present, three certification authorities are authorized by the Czech Republic :

At CTU you will most likely encounter certificates issued by Czech Post for these needs.

To create a guaranteed signature, the certificate must be issued by an authorized certification authority on any medium. If you need to have a qualified signature, then it is necessary to have the certificate created and stored on a qualified device for storing the certificate. The requirements for the quality of the signature are set by the recipient, but on the basis of the conformity of Czech law with the European one, the Czech qualified signature is obligatory also recognized in the EU.

Other personal certificates

In the course of various work activities, you may also encounter other personal certificates whose issuance and use are controlled by their issuer and are used to access and verify identity when using the services of their issuer. As one of the possible examples of such a certificate we can mention the Komerční banka certificate issued on the Komerční banka chip card and necessary for access to the Profibanka service.

Server certificates

Most often, each of us encounters using certificates on websites accessed via https. 
The basic added value of pages accessible by https is that the communication between the page and the client is encrypted for the duration of the transmission, and that an independent certification authority has verified that the website is run by its registered author.

In addition, we will focus only on personal certificates and signatures


We are aware of the relative complexity of this issue and therefore if you read the information here on this site, you will feel that there should be some more or more accurate information I welcome your suggestion to the CTU Helpdesk. You must have a valid CTU username and password to use it.


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