User portal for managing personal certificates stored in remote storage

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Benefits and key features

  • It is a replacement of Cesnet CA personal certificates stored on CTU Passports, which are used for the electronic circulation of CTU documents (business trips, absenteeism, car operations, orders, etc.) issued originally via OKBase,
  • issuing the certificate and setting the authorization PIN is performed by the user himself, if he / she is entitled to its issue, ie if he / she is an identified user with a personally verified identity, so-called type A identity,
  • the issue and administration of these certificates is realized through the user portal at: ,
  • the certificate is stored in a secure device, the so-called HSM module and can be accessed only through the CTU server after the appropriate user authorization,
  • use is possible in two ways:
    • communication in the AEDO system takes place directly and the user is only asked for authorization PIN when signing to confirm the operation.


  • you need to have a CTU Password for access,
  • in order to create a certificate it is necessary to be an identified user with a personalized verified identity, so-called type A identity.

Before you begin

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