Electronic mail (e-mail)

The Computer and Information Center (VIC) and some faculties (FCE, FME, FEE, FNSPE, FBME) offer and provide e-mail services to CTU staff, students and partners.
The main system for registration of CTU email addresses, management of private addresses and selection of preferred email is UserMap .

Private address – is an address not assigned by CTU and can be registered in the UserMap . The private address may also be preferred, but only if the user has not been assigned a CTU addressthe
rules set out in the Rector’s Order No. 7/2021 “Rules of operation and use of e-mail services at CTU” (In Czech only).

For a more detailed explanation of the meaning of e-mail addresses and related terms, see Description of Personal E-mail Addresses – Related Terms and Terms .

Microsoft Office 365

The cloud services package available to all CTU students and staff provides tools for team communication and cooperation, time management and cooperation on documents. Microsoft Office 365 is a complex Microsoft solution available to students.

Communication and Cooperation (on documents)

CTU provides a number of tools enabling communication and facilitating the cooperation of individuals and teams in the university environment and with external partners. Such tools include:

Videoconference, Webinars and Stream (video)

Videoconference is used to transfer audio, video or monitor images to multiple communicating groups. In addition, webinars and webconferences allow interactive cooperation on shared materials between more people, they have a moderator and therefore are more suitable for presentation or teaching. Stream is a video management and sharing service designed for all levels of employees in companies of all sizes who want to use video to connect, cooperate, educate and share information. Skype for companies can be used to create video or teleconference.

Time Management and (Co)operation

You can use SharePoint, Microsoft Outlook or Planner to effectively organize your time and activities, create team tasks, or make common notes and share calendars.

Forms and Presentations

Use Forms to create surveys, quizzes, voting, and easily monitor incoming results.


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