Electronic mail (e-mail)

The Computer and Information Center (VIC) and some faculties (FCE, FME, FEE, FBME) offer and provide e-mail services to CTU staff, students and partners.
The main system for registration of CTU email addresses, management of private addresses and selection of preferred email is UserMap .

Private address – is an address not assigned by CTU and can be registered in the UserMap . The private address may also be preferred, but only if the user has not been assigned a CTU addressthe
rules set out in the Rector’s Order No. 7/2021 “Rules of operation and use of e-mail services at CTU” (In Czech only).

For a more detailed explanation of the meaning of e-mail addresses and related terms, see Description of Personal E-mail Addresses – Related Terms and Terms .

Communication and Cooperation (on documents)

CTU provides a number of tools enabling communication and facilitating the cooperation of individuals and teams in the university environment and with external partners. Such tools include:

Videoconference, Webinars and Stream (video)

Video conferencing is used to transmit sound, video or monitor image​​. Webinars and video conferences enable interactive collaboration on shared materials in a larger number of people and are moderated. Such tools include:

Time Management and (Co)operation

For efficient organization of time, activities, tasks, notes and sharing calendars, tools include:

Forms and Presentations

Use Forms to create surveys, quizzes, voting, and easily monitor incoming results.

Project planning

For planning, resource management, program and portfolio management, including the display of a timeline (Gantt chart), the tools include:


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