You can find many computer classrooms and study rooms within CTU, at individual faculties as well as in the National Technical Library located in campus Dejvice. On this page you will find a disambiguation to most of these places. Some are available to all students, some to CTU students only and some only to students of certain faculties. Some of the classrooms are equipped with computers, but it is more and more common to create facilities for your laptops and other end user devices that you can use in these locations. In many cases, if the weather is suitable, any place where you can find the wireless signal can become your computer classroom or study room.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners, Public

Classrooms overview

The largest classrooms available for a long period of time for a wide base of users can be found at NTK (National Technical Library). The library offers many types of classrooms and study rooms (team, individual, night and others). You can find more details and conditions of use on the website of the National Technical Library

Faculty classrooms

In this section you will find a disambiguation to information about faculty classrooms. They are mostly available to students of the given faculty only and its use is often combined with the teaching. These rooms are accessible only out of the classes for students who do not participate in ongoing courses. Please pay attention to the relevant information.

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Information Technology

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