VICWiki is a web application that allows storing web content, comparing it and using version control. It is mainly focused on the support of IT services of CIC CTU. With the application you can keep documentation in one place, including embedded videos or their links on the internet. These can be various user manuals, solving any IT issues, meeting minutes with interactively defined tasks for meeting participants, the Knowledge Base available also to unregistered users, developer documentation with version control, complete Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents, blog posts, and many other types of documenting the planned work. The application uses Atlassian Confluence, which is connected to the CTU HelpDesk. The system can also be used at other CTU parts, but the number of active user licenses is limited.

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and Key Features

  • the possibility of recording the meeting minutes, product requirements, knowledge management articles – everything is shared on the web, everybody can contribute,
  • the possibility to keep information in one place,
  • separate spaces for the work of many independent teams,
  • the possilibity of interconnection with the CTU HelpDesk,
  • e-mail notifications when a page or space is updated,
  • the application is available at


  • the user must have a right to sign in to the application,
  • the user must have a valid relationship with CTU,
  • the user must have a valid CTU Password.


The number of licenses is limited, the service is not automatically available to all users.

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