CTU HelpDesk is a web application focused on comprehensive support of services at CTU, especially in IT. The main purpose is to record errors, requests and suggestions for improving, communicating these information with the user and also within the service team. The application uses JIRA Core, which is authenticated for ActiveDirectory. The system can also be used as a HelpDesk for other CTU parts and other types of services (e.g. register of building management requirements).

Available for

Students, Employees, Partners

Benefits and Key Features

  • managed access to user feedback, requests and reports,
  • current overview of statuses and issue changes,
  • detailed search and filtering,
  • workflow to improve overview of a job status,
  • e-mail notifications when the issue is updated.


  • the user must have a valid relationship with CTU,
  • the user must have a valid CTU password.

Sample workflow task
User Manual (in Czech only)

Getting started

Authorization to operate (in Czech only).

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