Most subsystems control user access and work by user roles. A role represents a summary of authorization assigned to a group of users with the same characteristics.

For each subsystem we can recognize, among others, the following relationships:
  • Guarantor – is a person authorized and responsible for management of the defined area of activity for which the subsystem is operated.
  • Approver – approves assignment of user roles for individual users to the extent specified by the subsystem guarantor.
  • User – is a person who has received the relevant user role in the subsystem upon approval by the approver or on the basis of rule for the procedural role specified by the subsystem guarantor.

In the role system, as of (1/2/2023), there is a change in the methodology of their designation and structure. The original 2 types have been replaced by a more general structure, which is described on the “New role methodology – 2023″ page.

You can request roles:
  • by using UserMap– electronically,
  • otherwise – in paper form, etc.
Roles preparer
  • are available in most faculties and components,
  • have the right to search for all approved roles of their component, generate requests for these roles specified by the approver for approval/rejection, and have the right to cancel role requests,
  • you can quickly find them for your component on the page at for your component under the “roles preparer” button.

For most subsystems the Authorization to Operate is created, where user roles and rules for their assignment are defined.

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