Information on access to the academic information system’s component for academic scheduling and administration (KOS)

  • KOS web access – for students and instructors:
    The KOS web interface supports the current versions of the major web browsers. List of compatible browsers: Internet Explorer version 21 and Edge, Firefox version 83 and newer, Google Chrome version 85 and newer, Safari version 13 and newer. When using unsupported browsers, KOS forms may not be rendered properly and KOS functions may not work reliably. Instructions for using KOS can be found in the application by clicking the Help (Nápověda) button (in the lower right corner). Please send questions or comments on KOS’s functionality to
  • iKOS portal – for user roles other than teacher and student: Documentation for the iKOS desktop application can be found on You will find descriptions and procedures for working with individual forms in the forms section after logging into iKOS (click the “?” button in the top right corner).

How to get access to KOS

User access to KOS and the method used to allocate roles are governed by the KOS authorisation documentation (Czech only, login required). Roles are assigned and revoked with the help of the UserMap system. There are two ways for a user to obtain a role:

  1. automatically:
    • student role – all students and participants in lifelong learning courses
    • teacher role – all academic employees and full-time doctoral students
  2. on the basis of an approved request:
    • applies to most other roles; approval of requests to assign a role are handled by the relevant individuals authorised to approve such requests

In order to access the application, please use your username and CTU password.
Allocated user roles can be checked in the UserMap application (login required).

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