FAQ-Microsoft 365

Last change: 04.04.2023

Collaboration on documents – SharePoint Task management – Planner Project planning – Project Team collaboration – Teams Microsoft 365

How to understand role

Last change: 15.03.2023

!!!  Translated by Google Translate  !!! In the list of roles on your personal card or after searching, you will find text strings expressing the... Jump to page »

Create an e-mail box

Last change: 23.03.2022

Problem: I need access to all university services at MS Office 365 at CTU. I am interested in my own e-mail box at CTU. I... Jump to page »

IdM – Identity Manager

Last change: 14.02.2024

IdM – Identity Manager is a system tool for managing users and their permissions. Until 12.10.2020, the CTU operated the system of the same name... Jump to page »