IMS Policy – CIC of CTU in Prague

The Computing and Information Center (CIC) is a part of CTU in Prague and its primary mission is to support the implementation and operation of information technology within all CTU activities. In addition, CIC organizes trainings, lectures and practical exercises, and provides consulting and advisory services. As part of its activities, it also prepares special-purpose publications, user guides and materials for users of computer technology and network services. The secondary role is to provide high quality services to external customers. Generally, CIC aims to help fulfill the strategy, vision and mission of the whole CTU. This area includes, among other things, strengthening the position of CTU as an important and popular research university, strengthening its position at the forefront of cooperation with industry and public administration, and creating conditions for the growth of the university’s innovation potential.

The approach of the CIC staff is thus oriented towards meeting expectations of both CTU students and external customers. That is why CIC constantly tries to improve its technical background and together with it also the portfolio of services and the implementation of processes to meet customer needs.

Data security of university clients (academics, employees and students) and external customers is considered a priority, high attention and great importance is given to their protection and availability. This is also reflected in the risk analysis measures. CIC respects and complies with all relevant regulatory, legal and normative requirements. Compliance with agreements and contracts is essential for the organization. The document „Risk Assessment Methodology“ identified and established the criteria for the assessment.

Contracts and agreements are always designed in a clear way that defines the range and quality of CIC services. They are provided with high care together with available and sufficient capacity of both personnel and technology necessary to meet the CIC obligations. Setting up processes for dealing with incidents, problems, changes and suggestions from customers is in accordance with the best known practices. Compliance with the concluded quality of service agreements is monitored and any differences are immediately solved. CIC staff constantly monitors development trends to provide better services to internal and external customers.


  • We guarantee the quality of the services provided in our name supported by deep historical experience, dating back more than 300 years to the history of technical university in the Czech lands.
  • Satisfied customer is our priority.
  • We present ourselves as a supplier of quality and complex products.
  • We ensure compliance with legal standards and requirements in our activities.
  • We want to be a partner rather than just a supplier.



  • Permanently maintaining a high level of service using modern technologies.
  • Increasing the professional competence of all employees as well as their productivity.
  • Specializing in selected types of technologies and services and achieving excellence.
  • Support and use environmentally friendly materials.
  • Care for our regular customers by offering quality services.

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