VIC (CIC) CTU has developed a new schedule of possible shutdowns of the CTU IS that will come into effect in 2021 . This schedule has been developed based on the experience of the VIC (CIC) and practically follows the schedules of previous years. Outages are defined in general, not specific dates, so that the schedule can be valid without adjustments in subsequent years. Users will be able to plan their activities for years ahead.

Long-term shutdown of database and application servers + Service Desk application
– 4 times a year, every 3rd Friday in months of April, July, August and October. Duration of shutdown 1-3 days.

Long-term shutdown of the MS environment (Office365, Exchange and SharePoint) and web servers operated by VIC (VICPress website platform, CTU Portal website platform, IST website, other websites operated by VIC)
– always the last working Friday of the month. Duration of shutdown 1-3 days.

Short-term shutdown
– usually every last Wednesday of the month from 16.30 to approx. 18.00 applies to applications AEDO, GTF, K4, Schedules, SIM, eWI eInventory, GINIS, UserMap, Shibboleth, Moodle

Distribution of iFIS software modifications
– usually every last Thursday of the month, unless otherwise specified.

Regular shutdown of the KOS desktop application (app upgrade)
usually the last Friday of the month between 16.00 and 20.00, unless otherwise specified. The shutdown lasts just a few minutes during that time.

Users will be informed in advance whether the scheduled date will be used, the extent of downtime and other details.

It is not possible to exclude outages outside this schedule if necessary.

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