Q:  Problem showing subscribed folders:
A:   In order to see the tree structure of all folders in the mailbox, you need to uncheck the option: Show only subscribed items in the account settings (Thunderbird >> Account Settings >> Server Settings >> Advanced).

Q:   Problem with putting a sent message into a folder:
A:   If you have a problem with saving sent mail, then try changing the Maximum number of server connections to cache to 1 (Thunderbird >> Account Settings >> Server Settings >> Advanced).

Q: You are unable to login to the SMTP/IMAP server:
A:   Check that you have enabled the option: Allow servers to store cookies (Thunderbird >> Settings >> Privacy & Security).

Q: The program displays the message “User is authenticated but not connected”:
A: In the program, go to settings (shown as a gear wheel) –> general –> preferences editor –> show all.
Look for the “network.dns.disableIPv6” variable and set it to TRUE.