The CTU information system (hereafter referred to as the CTU IS) and its processes serve to secure the collection, transfer, storage, processing and distribution of data and information. CTU IS consists of defined components and applications and partial systems or subsystems that are operated for the needs of CTU.

CTU IS serves CTU staff, students and partners, supports the activities of the university and other parts and organizational units within CTU.

The competences of IS users are based on the following general principles:

  • CTU IS provides users access to their personal data stored by CTU,
  • CTU IS provides users access to data needed for their tasks,
  • CTU IS provides CTU executives access to the data needed for the management of the entrusted agenda and to all information directly related to the activity within the entrusted agenda,
  • CTU IS enables the user to access data within the scope of his approved authorization, both within the role in the subsystems and within the interface suitable for the approved automated access.

CTU IS is an extensive and highly integrated system. As with any other system, it undergoes changes that require occasional shutdowns. You can find information about individual shutdowns on a separate page Information System Status. There are details about scheduled and unscheduled shutdowns or about failures of some services.

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