If you affiliated with CTU as a student, you may find the following information useful.

User Account and CTU Password

Your user account has been set once you have been admitted to our university (CTU Identity).

To use it, must first set an initial CTU password with your username to then set your permanent CTU Password. It is important to note that not all providers require the same CTU username and password combination to verify your identity, so pay attention to your login when working with individual information services and systems. You can determine the appropriate login credentials from the provider of the service or system. As soon as your password is set and your identity is valid, you can start using the CTU information systems.

Identity Card

It is necessary to get the CTU Student Card at the beginning of your studies at CTU. It is the identification card that will allow you to enter specific areas, enable use of some services, etc. For example, if you want to pay the student price for a meal in the canteen, you can only do so with the student card. More information on the types of student identity cards and how to acquire them can be found on the webpage CTU ID Cards.

Internet Connection

As a student, you have access to an Internet connection via the eduroam wi-fi network, which you can find all around the world. For this purpose, you can set the eduroam password in UserMap. The eduroam password is transmitted through the air and therefore is less secure by nature. Always make the eduroam password different from your other passwords, CTU-related or otherwise. You can also use UserMap to search for CTU teachers or employees or update information in your personal profile.

Email box

In the UserMap application, the student can request the establishment of an email mailbox in MS Office 365. Such a mailbox enables full use of the available MS Office 365 services, but at the same time, it will also no longer allow him to set his private email (outside the cvut.cz domain) as preferred. In MS Office 365, an email address will be created for the student in the form username@student.cvut.cz. To use the username@student.cvut.cz address, you must log in with the username@cvut.cz string and the CTU password. Together with the creation of the email address username@student.cvut.cz, the email address username@cvut.cz is also created (this is one mailbox with different addresses). Based on internal rules, the student cannot set username@cvut.cz as the sending address.
Some faculties may require the establishment of a mailbox in the CTU domain or set up their own mailboxes in the faculty’s subdomain.


KOS is a web application used to manage studies at CTU. Through this system, you can register for courses, create timetables, and view your study results. As CTU also cares about your health, you can take part in physical education activities organized by the Institute of Physical Education and Sport. Please note that both compulsory and optional courses require registration in advance.


Contracts between CTU and software companies can help you get licences for some useful programs. Access to Office 365 and related software products are among the basic applications. You can get more information on the Microsoft Office 365 website. Additional software is available on CTU Software Download page.

Saving and Sharing Data

Each CTU students has access to up to 1TB of personal cloud storage in OneDrive. Other faculties like FCE, may also operate and offer additional shared data storage.


Pay attention to the safe use of information technology. We have gathered some information and  important tips that can be found in the Secure IT section.

Financial Credits

At CTU there are two systems for cashless payments. The CTU Payment System (TZS) enables employees, students and guests to use cashless payments for services and goods within CTU. The older system Strávník (in Czech only) is used for payments in CTU Catering Facilities.

Housing and Dining

If you are not originally from Prague, accommodation in CTU dormitories could be an appealing option for you. At the link above you will find more information about the different dormitories and the housing application process. You can also enjoy meals in CTU canteens and other catering facilities, some of which are located on dormitory grounds. As a student you are eligible to purchase the main courses and soups at a discounted price. Create an account with the aforementioned Strávník payment system, load funds onto your student ID, and then you can pay with your ID at any of the CTU canteens and cafes.

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