If you are affiliated with CTU as an employee, you may find the following information useful.


User Account and CTU Password – Identity

You need to have an active CTU identity to access CTU’s information systems (this is arranged by the personnel departments  in your faculty or academic facility). The identity is connected with your username and CTU password (Passwords can be obtained at the CTU Card Office or you can contact the password administrator of your faculty or university part). It is important to note that not all providers require the same CTU username and password combination to verify your identity, so pay attention to your login when working with individual information services and systems. You can determine the appropriate login credentials from the provider of the service or system.

As soon as your password is set, you can start using the CTU information systems.


Identity Card

It is necessary to get the CTU Personal Card at the beginning of your employment at CTU. It is the identification card that will allow you to enter certain areas and enable use of some services, etc. More information on identity cards for employees and how to acquire them can be found on the CTU Personal Cards webpage .


Administration and Completion of Personal Data

If a workspace and telephone line were assigned to you it is recommended to verify the accuracy of these details in UserMap. Furthermore, you can regularly set your CTU password and eduroam password there, the later of which is needed to connect to the eduroam wi-fi network. You can also use UserMap to find contact information for other people at CTU.


Information Systems

You can get more information about IS on the Our Services webpage. It is important to note that you may receive access to certain systems automatically, depending on the nature of your employment, while access to other systems are subject to approval. Your superiors and colleagues, as well as department-specific or university IT administrators will provide you with information on which systems you need for your work and how to access them.


Electronic Office

According to an EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions) contract with Microsoft all CTU employees have access to the current pack of Office Professional Plus for up to five desktop or mobile devices for free. Further information on services connected with the electronic office, saving data possibilities and use of software can be found on Our Services webpage in the Email, Cooperation and Communication section. Your faculty or academic facility can provide you with additional software support related to your employment.



Telephone and e-mail are the primary forms of communication at CTU. Both were most likely arranged by your supervisor, but you can verify those details on your profile in UserMap. If you do not yet have an e-mail address, follow the setup instructions for employees at the E-mail Services webpage. It is helpfull to know that some faculties and university facilities use the CTU e-mail address in the format xyz@cvut.cz others use the format xyz@facultydomain.cvut.cz. For more information consult the E-mail Services webpage.


IT Support for Employees

In case of technical problems with CTU information systems contact your department-specific or university IT administrators. Each CTU web service should have the contact information about provider and contact for technical support in the footer. General inquiries are sent through HelpDesk ČVUT, but each faculty may have its own IT support procedures.

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