What is CTU Password?

It is the main access password for most university and faculty systems.


Is the validity of CTU Password limited in time?

Yes, for security reasons, the password is limited to 365 days after the last change. After this time, you will not log into any system with the password.


I cannot log in. Where is the problem?

There are several reasons:

  • you enter a wrong username,
  • you enter the wrong password – beware of the problem of Czech and English keyboard, CAPS LOCK, Z and Y keyboard swap,
  • your password has expired,
  • you are not an active user, you have terminated an employee, student or other relationship with CTU. Access to some systems may be subject to this,
  • some part of the password verification system does not work.


I know the CTU Password, but it has expired. What should I do?

Open the form „Change Expired CTU Password“ and enter your username, original password, and new password twice. This way you will set your new CTU Password.

ATTENTION! This setting is only possible within half a year (135 days) after the expiration of CTU Password validity. After this time, you must contact the CTU Password Administrator in person.


What should I do if I do not know my username and/or CTU password?

Contact the CTU Card Office or the CTU Password Administrator in person. A new password will be issued after your identity is verified.


Can I receive the CTU password by email or phone?

Since 17.3.2020 it is possible to issue a password remotely. For more information about this password issue method, see the Change your password remotely by phone / lost password change.


I know the password and want to change it. How do I have to proceed?

Login to https://usermap.cvut.cz, click on your name in the top right corner. Your personal profile page will appear. Click on the tab „Settings“ and select „CTU Password Settings“. Enter the new password twice, keep the required parameters, and click „Save Password“.


My CTU Password validity will expire soon. What should I do?

Change your CTU Password before it expires.


Where can I find the validity of my CTU Password?

You will find it after signing to USERMAP, KOS or selected faculty systems.