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Change the password by the user
  • Use this method if you know your CTU username and password .
  • log in to https://usermap.cvut.cz . The login button is in the upper right corner.
  • every time you change a password, make sure you change it on the expected provider pages that are accessible by encrypted https. In this case, visit https://usermap.cvut.cz , beware of possible phishing .
  • Attention! The eduroam password is airborne and therefore less secure by nature. Always set your eduroam password different from CTU or other important passwords and follow the instructions to set up your device.


  • after logging in, select User Profile in the upper right corner

  • switch to the settings tab and select the eduroam password setting

  • enter the new password twice in the displayed form. Be sure to observe the described parameters. If you are unsure of what you are typing, you can temporarily view the content you just wrote.

  • if successful, you will be informed by the green information box.

  • if something went wrong, pay attention to the contents of the red info box and try again.


!!!  Translated by Google Translate  !!!

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