Internet made it possible to connect people of different interests and goals into one large group of users. But because it is easily accessible, it can also be easily abused for various purposes. This way it can become both a good helper as well as a threat. Due to these reasons it is important to be cautious when using Internet and it is good to know whose services you use and who uses yours. It is therefore necessary to expect that different users with hostile intentions, criminals and others will try to use Internet for their own interests. It is good to know various methods they may use.

Social engineering

It refers to a manipulation of people into transferring information or taking some action. Furthermore, it tries to use knowledge of their habits and personal data when available. There are many examples of successful campaigns that inform about the unexpected death of a rich uncle abroad, who left you all his property, likewise, your “friends”ask for help in an unexpected situation. Many people and companies would find examples where a password with a date of birth or a girlfriend’s name led to the attack and theft of personal and company data.

Attacked websites

Unsolicited emails (SPAM), information from fictitious service providers, phishing attempts, attractive offers and other lures shared on social networks can easily convince you to access hacked or fraudulent sites that appear to be operated by a reputable company. On such pages you can expect various malicious codes trying to use your trust or to use SW errors, which are already known, but accessible because they are often not fixed. There can also be credibly looking forms trying to lure your login and other information.

File sharing and Internet piracy

Choose the right settings when you share files. Be careful when setting security for information you don’t want to share. When downloading or working with copyrighted content, do not give in to “tempting” offers of free software and other content, which is usually paid. It is certainly not excluded that someone will offer you something for a fraction of the price or free of charge, but carefully verify and consider accepting such offers.

Final tip

While the Internet and computer technology help us to access, process and evaluate information, we must not forget our own sense and responsibility.

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