Applications for the role is carried out in the form  request for a role  in the  Submission . 

  • At the top right, set the form (1), in which you will work as: 
    • Regular user  = My role requests  – you can only request the assignment of selected roles, and only to yourself. If you are  not offered any roles in the Role Request form  , you do not have the right to request any roles. 
    • Role preparer (faculties / components)  – you can only apply for the assignment of roles related to your faculty / component, for all CTU persons. 
    • Role approver  – you can only apply for the assignment of roles that you approve, for all CTU persons. If you apply for a role as an approver, the application is automatically approved after you submit the role application. 
  • In the left part of the form, use the Add person button  (2) to find and select the person or persons for whom you want to apply for the role. 
  • In the right part of the form, use the Add role button  (3) to find the role or roles to be assigned to the person or persons. 
  • You can add people and roles to the list or remove them from the list. 
  • When the list of people and roles to receive is complete, click the Submit Requests button  (4). 

Usermap - formulář žádosti

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