CTU Card Centre
address:  Bechyňova 3, Praha 6
phone:   +420 224 358 472

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday       8:00 – 15:30
Friday                             8:00 – 15:00

Branch office in Děčín
contact person: Bc. Josef Drobný
address: Pohraniční 1288/1, 40502 Děčín
office: 203
phone: +420 224 358 476


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Are you new at CTU and need your first card?

Getting started:

You must already have an active account in the CTU IS, which is typically created:

  • usually in 1-2 days after enrolment into study for students (after your faculty input the data to IS KOS),
  • no earlier than the first day of employment for employees,
  • the next day after being added to the CTU IS for participants in lifelong learning courses, partners and other affiliates.


  • come to the CTU Card Centre in person,
  • bring a form of identification (ID card, driving licence, passport, e.g.),
  • you will be digitally photographed in the CTU Card Centre for free,
    • you can also bring a colour photo of yourself of the ID format with following parameters: the photo must show entire face from the front, current user appearance, with a light monochromatic background and has to be well readable.

We recommend:

  • bring enough cash in case of payment (no debit/credit cards accepted),
  • make an online reservation (in Czech only) for a specific date and time to avoid waiting.

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