The federation cvutID is operated by the Computer and Information Center of CTU.

Within the federation cvutID you have access to the following subsystems of the CTU IS, sorted by the operator:

13000-FEE-Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  • Amber – internal website of the Department of Circuit Theory
  • Course Ware – software system to support FEE teaching (Dokuwiki, UploadSystem, discussion forum)
  • Ekonom – web pages and study materials of the Department of Economics, Management and Humanities
  • Elections – application for the elections at FEE (in operation only during election period)
  • FELK password – the application enables students to set a password for Windows and Linux domains for computers in the FEE premises at Charles Square
  • HAPKY – games, algorithms, programs and other games (in Czech only)
  • K13133 – internal website of the Department of Cybernetics
  • Liferay – supporting CMS – Liferay Portal for IBM BPM
  • Moodle FEL – CMS system operated by the Center for Knowledge Management of the FEE 
  • Web – website of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • 13104 – Department of Languages – department website

14000-FJFI-Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

  • User settings – set up of selected parameters within subsystems operated by FNSPE

18000-FIT-Faculty of Information Technology

  • EDUX – server cluster for support of education at the Faculty of Information Technology – enables easy publication of materials related to courses (evaluation, deadlines, lectures, exercises…)
  • Web – website, survey and white paper of the Faculty of Information Technology
  • ProgTest – FIT Learning Server
  • Timetables – FIT Timetables

37000-CIIRC-Czech Institute of Computer Science, Robotics and Cybernetics

  • Web – internal website of the Czech Institute of Informatics of Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC).

81000-CIC-Computing and Information Centre

  • KOS – Study component – administration of studies,
  • PES – Portal of Economic Services – agenda of absences, travel orders, management information system and other mostly economic and operational information,
  • HelpDesk – application for reporting erro,rs within CTU IS and building management at selected CTU faculties/other parts
  • Usermap – search for people at CTU, contact details, change of CTU password
  • Test Page – test pages to check the function and correctness of attributes within the federation cvutID,
  • V3S – application for searching and editing of CTU publications and projects (grants and research plans),
  • SGS – Student Grant Competition – student grant competition of CTU using targeted support for specific university research,
  • BPM – Process portal – (in Czech only) preview and administration of selected CTU processes.

91000–SÚZ – Service Facilities Administration (SFA)

  • Strávník – (in Czech only) daily menus of CTU canteens, opening hours, overview of account balance.