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Proxy user is a user who can connect on behalf of another user, including their permissions .

For example, a proxy user can use a db manager to connect to a schema without knowing the password – for example, when creating a db link, or to connect multiple users to a single application schema.

We use this option for testing and development databases. Application data is stored, for example, in the APPL_USER schema and users / developers can connect to this schema using the proxy user function. This solution brings several advantages: Permissions are set only in the main scheme and do not have to be set for individual users (connect right is enough). No team member may need to know the master schema password.Development and testing takes place directly in the application schema. A user can connect to multiple schemes with a single password.


The permission to connect as a proxy user is set by the command:



SCOTT now has the right to sign in as APP_USER:

CONNECT scott [app_user] / password


!!!  Translated by Google Translate  !!!

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