Dear Rector, Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am very sorry for any difficulties, unfortunately I have to inform you that there will be an exceptional shutdown of Oracle databases this weekend. For this reason, the operation of some CTU IS applications and services will be limited or completely out of order. This is due to an incorrect installation of the database security patch by Oracle Technical Support. VIC could not influence this situation and unfortunately all effort from the last weekend (including nights) was wasted. The solution of the problem with services of Oracle Global Technical Support (India) has been individually agreed with Oracle Consulting Services from Oracle Czech. It is not a standard step, but necessary and inevitable in the given situation.

The shutdown will take place from Saturday 24.10.2020 18:00 to Sunday 25.10.2020 18:00.

The following applications will be completely out of order: SFIS, PES, PGS, AEDO, TZS, ABONENT, SGS, MOBILITY, TIMETABLES (, BPM.

Other applications will experience outages (e.g. SURVEY, ALEPH, DSPACE, EZOP/V3S, GTF, HelpDesk, Wiki, K4, KOS, USERMAP and others). It also applies to test versions of applications.

The shutdown does not affect the Microsoft applications – e.g. Sharepoint, Teams, Office 365, E-mail.

It will be possible to check the current status of databases on IST.CVUT.CZ website.

Me and my colleagues thank you for your understanding.

Have a nice day

Marek Kalika

Last change: 23.10.2020