Dear users of the Office 365 email system,

for reasons of increasing the security of Exchange Online email services, modern authentication was turned on on 1/12/2022.

  • For those using the web interface to access mail, nothing changes.
  • Users using Outlook 2016 with Exchange server connection type will have the authentication change automatically. We recommend updating older versions of the Outlook client to the latest version.
  • Other users with other clients or with a different type of connection than the Exchange server must reconfigure their email clients from 1/12/2022. Even a regular user has the right to change the configuration. Instructions can be found at in the E-mails, communication cooperation section.

In case of problems, try removing and re-adding the profile in your clients, or please contact your local IT staff who have been informed of this change in advance.

Last change: 30.11.2022