The MIS Personal Certificate allows you to sign documents in a credible way.

Available for: employees.
Acquisition of the first: upon request, it is issued and recorded at the CTU card issuing office, free of charge.
Validity: 1 year.
Acquisition of next: before the expiry of the certificate, it can be renewed electronically according to the instructions, after the expiration new exposure is necessary, as in the case of the first acquisition.
Location: uploaded to CTU card contact chip.
Exhibitor: CESNET CA through the CTU Card Issue Office.

Notes: The certificate is primarily intended for use within the Czech Technical University in Prague. Access to the contact chip is protected by a PIN and PUK, which you receive in an envelope. The certificate holders are asked to familiarize themselves with the conditions for issuing and using personal certificates.
Warning: To work with this certificate, it is necessary to use the Internet Explorer (IE) environment.

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